dan lambrides
Ministry Leader: Dan Lambrides



Transformation is a ministry devoted to changing the lives of inmates in the Cumberland County Jail System. At the Vineyard, we believe God has called us to minister to the men and woman of the jail so they come to know God loves and cares for them. We have all made mistakes, but God’s love and forgiveness has made us whole. We are dedicated to seeing people changed by teaching and demonstrating the love of God through the Gospel of our Savior Jesus Christ.

We believe through the good news, God will transform the lives of those in jail so ultimately they can enjoy life to the fullest, becoming better people for Him, their families, their friends, and the community.


How we do it…

Our vision is to bring the transforming love of God and the life-giving hope of his Word into the jail . We will hold weekly services based on biblical teaching, enabling people to learn God’s plan for their lives, gain authentic faith and personal trust in God. This will be through a multi-week program teaching the meaning of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection, the purpose of life and God’s will for those in his Kingdom.

We will teach the importance of prayer in an intimate and lasting relationship with God and the necessity of fellowship with God’s people—the church. We will commit time, energy and resources to equip people to live a victorious life in Christ and maintain a loving relationship with their Heavenly Father. Transformation is driven by our passion to see lives changed for Jesus.  Our hope is that all are saved and experience the love of the Father.


Why we do it…

As followers of Jesus, we were told in Mark 16:15 to “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.”  Jesus loves and cares for everyone, whether they are inmates and His will is not for us to perish but have eternal life.

Many of the people in the jail system are without hope, joy, and encouragement.  We have been called to be the light of the world for the sake of the good news.  We at the Vineyard Church of Greater Portland, want to be obedient to this call.  We feel that God wants to meet them where they are and help the Father transform their lives through this ministry.


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