I We are so happy to have you join us this Sunday!

We will be gathering at 9:30, only adding an 11:30 service if necessary when we reach capacity.

We are so excited to announce that as of Sunday, September 13th our Vineyard Kids ministry will resume in our 2nd-floor “Vineyard Kids” space following the worship part of our service for the 9:30A service only.¬† The yellow room located in our 2nd-floor space will be designated for any parent to watch their child – or children – 3y/o and under in a “kid-friendly” space. Parents can access the yellow room at any point during their time with us.

Registration will be made available exclusively for families with children in our VK ministry on the first day of registration (Tuesday of each week). Adults and older families will be able to register the following day (Wednesday of each week). When registering, we ask that every person, including married couples, register individually. If you have children, they only need to be registered under one parent/guardian. Please include the number of children you have that will be attending, as well as their names and their ages in parenthesis next to their name for example Jack Smith (8). We want to keep our headcount true as we value our larger responsibility to our community in which God has called us to serve while also allowing us to do our part to continue reducing the spread of any infection.

We look forward to having you!


Registration is closed for Sunday! It will resume again for VK families at noon on Tuesday and for the remainder of the church on Wednesday at noon!