Chad and Shanna Perreault

Pastoral Couple

Jasmine Ruckey – Administrative Assistant

Ellie Schulz – Finance Director

Jim Fasulo – Finance Director

Robin Bennett – Environmental Service

In addition to our pastors and our other full and part time staff, the church is supported by a group of Leaders and a Board of Trustees.


In addition to the Pastors, the Leaders are responsible for the spiritual oversight of the church. The following people are currently serving as leaders:

Chad and Shanna Perreault

Jim and Lori Gaunder

Chris and Ingrid Libby

Jeff and Robin Bennett

Tom and Cynthia Weston

Bruce and Maila Stevens


The Trustees are responsible for leadership of the church (corporation) in all matters financial and legal. The following people are currently serving as Trustees:


Chad Perreault


Jim Fasulo

Jeff Bennett


Nancy Olson


Ben Clarke