PYV or PLAN YOUR VISIT is designed for an individual or family who are interested in visiting Vineyard Church Greater Portland on a Sunday morning but would like to plan that visit with us ahead of their Sunday morning arrival!  PYV allows you to notify us before you plan to visit us on a Sunday morning.  if you decide to PLAN YOUR VISIT you will be greeted at the door by one of our guest services members.  You will be given a tour of our facility to familiarize you with the most important locations in our facility including our Vineyard Kids space located on the second floor as well as our space designated for teen church.  Once the tour is complete you will be invited into the auditorium to find your seats before the service begins.  Once the service is over you are invited to meet another one of our guest services members in the lobby to receive a welcome pack and a gift.  To PLAN YOUR VISIT simply fill out the form below and we will follow up with you! Our Sunday celebration service starts at 10AM.

Welcome to Vineyard Church!



Plan Your Visit