Chad Perreault

RLVT Director

RLVT Ministry


Vision: To change the communication method of the message of Jesus. 

Mission: We seek to ultimately change the way the message is delivered to the church and future Christians without changing the message itself. We seek to become culturally relevant in the presentation of the message of Jesus. We seek to always utilize the latest strategies to always remain relevant in our presentation of the message of Jesus to the world.

What will RLVT do?
-We will work with outside web developers to create, maintain, and improve our web experience for people visiting our website. We will also seek to improve the functions of our website so they best suit our ministry and life group leaders along with staff so that the webpage can be used as a tool to better facilitate activities both within the church and outside the church.
-We will work with staff and leaders to create and design relevant logos for both special events and ministries.
-We will create and customize relevant presentation videos highlighting each individual ministry for display both on the website and in the church lobby.
-We will be responsible for the presentation of relevant content used for background graphics during worship services.

Why will RLVT do it?
-We fell it is vitally important for the modern church today to present itself and the message it brings to an ever changing culture around us in a positive and relevant way. A way in which the average person both Christian and non-Christian can relate to. We seek to bring people to Christ and the saving grace of His love through the communication of his message in a culturally relevant way. The message of Jesus is timeless and anyone with an open heart can relate to it but the delivery system of that message should be changing as the culture changes around us. Jesus himself used parables to explain the principles of the Kingdom of God and in many stories he used agricultural concepts that the people of his time could relate to. The same principle holds true today. We must present the Gospel of Jesus using relevant concepts and ideas that help the surrounding culture understand who Jesus is and what the Kingdom of God is. 

Who is RLVT?
-Relevant will be comprised of a team of 4 to 5 individuals that share the same desires as stated. The team will include people that have an innovative mind set and that possess technologically savvy skills. They will be people that are forward thinking, always trying to come up with the next best thing to keep our church and the presentation of the message of Jesus culturally relevant. 


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