There are so many ways you can get connected and involved in all that’s going on here at the Vineyard Church of Greater Portland. Whether you are interested in joining a Life Group or helping out in a ministry or simply volunteering for an event you can do that right here. If you are new to the church and are interested in attending a newbie meeting, or maybe you are interested in becoming a member and signup up for one of our Intersections classes, you can do that right here as well.

We believe that community plays a vital role in the spiritual growth and maturation of each person that attends the Vineyard. We also believe it is so important to get connected and involved because beyond the benefits it can bring to your life what it does for someone else that you may serve is immeasurable.

So go ahead, sign up for a Life Group, a ministry or an event. Attend a newbie meeting or an Intersections class or sign up for our Vineyard Institute courses. These are great ways to get involved in the church and begin, or continue, your spiritual walk with us as a community of believers.