ruth and youngsook

Ministry Leaders: Young Sook Beausoleil & Ruth Maston


Our vision for the Garden Ministry is to create and maintain themed gardens around our church facility. The gardens will be a community project that will include plants mentioned in the Bible, plaques to help people reflect on their life as a garden, the seasons of life and also stewarding God’s creation. Groupings will encourage people to meditate on Scripture. Like plants in a garden, Christians too, need to grow… A Children’s garden is planned for the future. Children will be invited to come help plan and plant their garden.



What we do…

gardening-howEach Spring, usually the last Saturday in April, we organize a Spring Clean Up day which involves not only the clean up and maintenance of the church facility, but the church grounds as well. At this time, we will replace any plants that have not survived the winter, spread mulch and get things ready for the growing season.  Each Fall, typically the first weekend in November, we have a day dedicated to putting the garden to sleep for the year with pruning, raking, and trimming. It is a wonderful time of fellowship and fresh air!

All are welcome to participate – remember many hands make light work!

This ministry is for both the casual and the committed gardener, for those seeking to connect and serve in a group project, and for families looking for fresh ways to spend time together!


Why we do it…

gardening-whyThis ministry will focus on spiritual and natural growth. We, like plants, need the care of a gardener. Gardeners know the value and fruitfulness of giving the garden the things it needs; water, food, sunlight, good soil.

Spiritual growth needs the same care and attention. The more intentional a Christian is about growing spiritually, the more fruit there will be.

This ministry provides practical and spiritual growth and opportunities.



Materials needed for ongoing projects
  • Bird equipment:
    1. Bird feeders
    2. Bird houses
    3. Bird seed
  • Gift certificates to “storey’s garden center”:
    1. Used for loam
    2. Plant material
    3. Sand
  • Money donations: (made to the vineyard church) garden ministry club)
    1. Used for purchases toward garden needs

Looking for more information? Looking to sign up to participate in this ministry? Follow this link to the Get Involved Form!