Marriage Encounter


October 27, 2017 to October 29, 2017


12:00 am to 12:00 am


Clarion Hotel
1230 Congress St
Portland, Maine 04102


Marriage Encounter is a weekend away from home, family, and responsibilites. Here, in a comfortable, secluded environment, a married man and woman are guided through the discovery of a new way of communicating that will help them to know each other better. The Encounter is designed to give couples an opportunity to examine their lives together and develop useful tools to enhance their communication. Many couples are faced with challenges in everyday routines that take away from focusing on their marital relationships and it’s health. Marriage is a very significant and intimate relationship and deserves our attention. The Marriage Encounter journey began in Spain in 1952 as a tool to enable married couples to enrich the quality of their lives. In fact, the name Marriage Encounter is a direct translation from Spanish, where the words take on the beautiful connotation of discovering, or finding one another. In 1966, Marriage Encounter came to America. Today, there are over a million couples who have attended Marriage Encounter weekends.

Sessions begin at 7pm on Friday evening and run through 4pm on Sunday afternoon. At each session a husband and wife team and a Vineyard Pastoral couple give an informal talk on various aspects of marriage. Time is set aside following each presentation for couples to discuss privately, away from the group, their relationship as it relates to the topic presented. The weekend is structured, orderly and informative. Couples will spend the entire time at the hotel, allowing them to concentrate on each other, free from outside distractions.

Since every marriage is under attack and can be improved, even the best marriages can find new meaning and deepened joy throughout the weekend. Couples married for only a few years as well as those couples who have been married for 40 years can find enjoyment for Marriage Encounter weekends. It is a journey you will love to take…discovering new things along the path of your lives together. A Vineyard Marriage Encounter weekend is available to couples who have been married before. Since this is a weekend to concentrate on each other, no children, including nursing infants are permitted.

A non-refundable, non-transferable registration fee of $75 is required to ensure a reservaton. At the close of the weekend, you will be given the opportunity to make an anonymous donation, sharing in the cost and support of Marriage Encounter. However, no one is ever refused the opportunity to attend a Marriage Encounter weekend because of lack of funds. Your meal and lodging accommodations have all been arranged for by the team so there is no need to contact the hotel.