Baptism @ Fort Williams


July 21, 2019


12:30 pm to 3:00 pm


Baptism is one of the most powerful decisions we will make in our lives.  There is a distinct measure of grace that is released upon us by God through the Holy Spirit when we say "YES" to Jesus.  Baptism publicly declares the reality that we have new life in Jesus.  We often refer to baptism as an outward expression of an inward decision in that when we come up out of the water we are now alive in Jesus.  Baptism shouts to the whole world that we have decided something. And our decision is to stand with Jesus and to allow the power of His love to transform us.  Join us Sunday July 21st at 1:00 at Fort Williams as we celebrate together the decision of baptism that some of decided to make.


If you are interested in being baptized please register below.  You will also need to attend the 30m baptism class being held here at the facility on Friday July 19th at 6P.


Baptism Registration