Welcome to our Newcomer’s Gathering page!

This event is designed as an initial meeting for those that have recently started coming to  Vineyard Church.  Whether you have been coming for a couple weeks or a couple months this event is for you.  The Newcomer’s Gathering is designed to accomplish three primary goals:



Create A Space

Our goal is to create a space for you to come and connect most importantly with other new guests that have been coming to Vineyard Church.  We also desire to create a space for you to come and connect with the staff including the pastor, assistant pastor, Vineyard Kids director and others.  


Build Comfortableness

Our aim is to make you feel more comfortable.  A portion of the event includes for you a formal introduction to the facility. The facility tour is designed to acquaint you with all the important spaces including our second floor Vineyard Kids space, our Teen Church space, the food pantry and more so that you feel more comfortable when you come through the doors each Sunday.


Share the Mission

Our final goal is to share the mission with you.  Along with the mission we want to briefly share with you our values and our culture. Along with sharing our mission, values and culture we want to invite you to join in the mission with us, sharing our values and helping to develop our culture.  We also afford you an opportunity to ask any questions about Vineyard Church, what we believe, where we are going and how you can be a part of it.  We believe at Vineyard Church that everyone gets to play and that everyone has the opportunity to join in the mission with us to see the mission of Jesus be fulfilled through Vineyard Church.


If you are interested in joining us for our next Newcomer’s Gathering register you and your family below: