Vineyard Next is an event designed to help you decide what your next steps will be here at Vineyard Church.  Coming to a Vineyard Next event typically happens after you have attended a Newcomer’s Gathering and have made a decision that Vineyard Church is the church you would like to call home.  After you have done those two things Vineyard Next is strategically positioned to help you become more engaged in the life of Vineyard Church.  Vineyard Next was developed to primarily accomplish three things:



Explore Your Mix

Each one of us has a unique mix that God has designed us to possess.  We believe that God has created each person with their own set of spiritual gifts.  We also believe that God has designed each one of us with his or her own personality traits.  We also believe that Jesus and our personal experiences help to shape and mold both our spiritual gifts and our personality.  Vineyard Next seeks to explore that mix to better identify both your spiritual gifts and your personality types and traits.  We believe that if you have a better understanding and awareness of these two things then you will be better equipped to effectively serve both within the context of Vineyard Church and outside of it.


Encourage You

The next thing Vineyard Next seeks to do is encourage you to use that mix of personality and gifts to serve and build the church.  We do that by effectively communicating our approach to ministry which is “everyone gets to play”. This statement has been a mantra of the Vineyard movement since its inception.  We will also look at scripture references to further solidify that reality. 


Discover Your Steps

The final thing Vineyard Next seeks to do is discover and discuss the next steps you can take to become more engaged in ministry here at Vineyard Church.  There are many options when discussing the Next steps available for you at Vineyard Church!  Some of those Next steps include:

Baptism – If you have recently begun a relationship with Jesus baptism is a great place to start as a Next step.  Jesus was baptized and so we believe that baptism is essential to a healthy faith in Jesus.  We believe baptism is basically an outward expression of an inward reality and a public declaration of your decision to follow Jesus.

Life Groups – Maybe your Next step is simply becoming involved in a Life Group.  We value Life Groups highly here at Vineyard Church.  We believe it is WHERE BELONGING BEGINS! 

 Volunteering – Maybe your Next step is volunteering.  There are many options available for you including Guest Services, Outreach, Vineyard Kids, Youth Ministry, Food Pantry, Maintenance and more.

Training – Maybe your next step is attending one of our trainings.  We periodically have prayer ministry training, worship team training, life group leading and hosting trainings and more.  These trainings along with “Intersections” can serve as preparation for participation in certain ministries here at Vineyard Church.

Intersections (Membership) – Maybe your Next step is membership.  Intersections is a one day class designed to explain in even greater detail, who we are as a Vineyard Church, what we believe and what our mission is.  At the end of the class you have the option of becoming a member by signing a statement of practice thus making you a member of Vineyard Church.  You can also choose not to become a member after the class and wait till a later time to do so.  Membership is not a requirement for anyone to serve and volunteer at Vineyard Church but certain prominent ministry positions and roles do require membership at Vineyard Church.


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*Note there is no childcare available for this event

Vineyard Next